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Upskilling K-12 Teachers with's Computer Science Discoveries and Computer Science Principles Programs

by MindSpark Learning

In today's technology-driven world, computer science education is a crucial skill set for students, regardless of their desired field or career path., a recognized leader in computer science education, offers two comprehensive programs, Computer Science Discoveries and Computer Science Principles, designed to equip K-12 teachers with the necessary resources and tools to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of computer science concepts. 

Computer Science Principles: An Introductory Advanced Placement Course's CS Principles is an endorsed Advanced Placement (AP®) course aimed at broadening participation in computer science education. This curriculum provides teachers with a comprehensive framework to introduce computer science concepts beyond programming. The course nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and computational skills, empowering students for future success. 

Engaging Curriculum for Teachers and Students  

The AP® CS Principles curriculum offers a well-structured and engaging learning experience for both teachers and students. With daily lesson plans incorporating inquiry-based activities, videos, assessments, and computing tools, teachers can guide students in discovering core computing concepts. This interactive approach fosters collaboration and active learning, enabling educators to learn alongside their students. 

One-Year Professional Learning Program ensures that teachers are well-prepared to deliver the course effectively through a comprehensive one-year professional learning program. This program consists of a 5-day in-person summer workshop, where teachers are introduced to the course content, AP® elements, and essential teaching practices. Throughout the school year, teachers engage in tailored professional development workshops to support their implementation of the course. This ongoing support helps teachers build confidence and expertise in teaching computer science. 

Computer Science Discoveries: Empowering Young Learners 

Computer Science Discoveries (CS Discoveries) is a course designed for students in grades 6-10, introducing them to the exciting world of computer science. The curriculum emphasizes problem-solving, collaboration, and creation, highlighting the broad impact of computer science on various aspects of everyday life. 

K-12 Curriculum Pathway 

CS Discoveries serves as a crucial link in's K-12 curriculum pathway, bridging the gap between CS Fundamentals (K-5th grade) and CS Principles (high school). This program enables districts, teachers, and students to follow a cohesive and comprehensive pathway of computer science education. By building upon previous knowledge and skills, students progress seamlessly through each course. 

Flexible Implementation Options 

Recognizing the diverse needs of schools and classrooms, has designed CS Discoveries to be highly adaptable. Teachers have the flexibility to implement the curriculum as a single semester (Units 1-3), over multiple years, or as a full-year course. Furthermore, there are options available for condensed timeframes, allowing schools to customize the course duration to meet their specific requirements. 

Designed for Equity and Inclusivity has proactively designed CS Discoveries to be accessible and engaging for all students, irrespective of their backgrounds or prior experience. The curriculum incorporates culturally and personally relevant topics, inspiring students from diverse backgrounds to see themselves as active participants in the field of computer science. This commitment to equity creates a diverse and inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive.'s CS Discoveries and CS Principles programs are invaluable resources for K-12 teachers seeking to provide their students with a solid foundation in computer science. These programs integrate engaging curriculum, professional development opportunities, and flexible implementation options, empowering educators to foster students' creativity, problem-solving abilities, and computational thinking skills. By ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn computer science, we equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in the 21st century. 

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