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Discover Our Spark

MindSpark designs and delivers extraordinary learning experiences with our elite partners.


We unravel the status quo and decode the complexities facing courageous thinkers, creators, and advocates. We solve for workforce, innovation, wellbeing, and inclusion


Compelling workforce development establishes learning relevance, integrates promising pathways, fortifies work-based learning, modernizes future readiness, and cherishes the formation of occupational identity.


Transformative wellbeing is the collective experience of nurturing relationships, elevating community, engaging in purposeful work, maximizing potential, and designing ergonomic environments that flourish.


Intrinsic innovation is the culmination of catalyzing entrepreneurship, fostering invention, cultivating resilience, sparking creativity, and affirming risk-taking.


Voracious inclusivity is the combined efforts of honoring neurodiversity, boosting connection, treasuring belonging, solidifying commitment, and amplifying courage.

Are you interested in becoming an industry or community partner?


Through our learning experiences, MindSpark fosters a newfound passion for education, builds trusted partnerships across industries, increases collaboration and engagement within communities, and results in more agile and resilient educators through times of rapid change. We align our programs to the following impact metrics:


Sustained Transformation

MindSpark increases the earning potential for our clients. Teachers who pursue our upskilling opportunities have the chance to earn up to 34% more annually - equating to an additional $9,000 to $16,000 every year. A teacher whose pension is tied to their highest annual salary can carry that premium into retirement.  


Partnerships Forged

MindSpark boosts industry and community engagement in education. On average, our clients report generating seven meaningful relationships with partners after working with MindSpark. This translates to over 284,000 partnerships forged enabling students to engage with authentic learning opportunities alongside industry and community partners.  


All Succeed

MindSpark activates peer-to-peer interactions that result in a sense of connection, comradery, collaboration, and belonging. Our clients engage on a deeper level and strengthen the capacity for student growth and wellbeing. With 40% of MindSpark clients serving rural communities, we catalyze a wave of positive change and ignite a spark of opportunity for educators and students alike. 


Retain & Recruit Talent

MindSpark keeps quality teachers and administrators in their schools. Our learning experiences cultivate leadership and growth opportunities for our clients, resulting in an 88% retention rate among educators. This retention fuels a more stable and committed teaching workforce and ultimately leads to improved student outcomes and overall school success. 



MindSpark experiences create a launch pad for entrepreneurship and career readiness. Our efforts have resulted in over 25 patents, over 20,000 work-based learning experiences for students including internships and early career literacy exposure, and 7,900 industry-based educator externship hours – each paving the way for viable and accessible pathways that lead to prosperous careers for all. 

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