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Unleash Learning Freedom:

OnDemand Courses Tailored for Educators. Anytime, Anywhere. 
What is MindSpark OnDemand? 

At MindSpark, our mission is to empower educators worldwide. Introducing MindSpark OnDemand – your all-in-one destination for dynamic online courses crafted for educators. Dive into courses tailored to enhance your classroom with cutting-edge topics like AI integration and career-focused education. Gain expertise and certification in your chosen field effortlessly.

Spark your mind, inspire your teaching, and let's shape the future of education together.

MindSpark OnDemand is a learning experience platform where educators can:
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educational advancement certifications by credit hour.


with hands-on interaction models.


downloadable certificates and badges immediately after completion.

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Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI)

Our Responsible AI Foundations Certification is not just a course; it's your passport to responsible and ethical AI practices, equipping you with a competitive advantage in the educational arena. Enhance your credibility with students and institutions alike, opening doors to career advancements and fostering a reputation built on integrity and expertise.

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)

The Applied Artificial Intelligence for Educators Certification program is a groundbreaking journey into the heart of tomorrow's education. Experience AI's power, transforming how you’ll teach, learn, and grow. Our comprehensive program equips you with cutting-edge skills, practical knowledge, and real-world applications of AI in the classroom. It’s time for a shift of mindset where educators collaborate with AI.

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Career Connected Learning (CCL)

Career Connected Learning Foundations is a certification-based learning experience designed to upskill educators to guide and inspire their students on their journey toward fulfilling and meaningful careers.

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