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Build cohesive, equitable, and sustainable K-12 Computer Science pathways.

Would you overlook important foundational skills when teaching your students? Computer Science Education is often overlooked in K-12 education, but it doesn’t have to be. Any educator at any grade level can integrate computer science into their teaching and ensure future success for their students.


STEMpath is a game-changing program that combines work-based learning through industry externships, rigorous coursework, and professional learning.

This is a graduate-level STEM and Computer Science certificate for educators at all grade-levels and disciplines. STEMpath builds critically needed STEM teaching capacity to increase career and college readiness for all students.

MindSpark is the regional partner for in Colorado and Utah. Every year we partner with to offer computer science programming across K-12 disciplines. CS Discoveries and CS Principles Workshops:

Program Benefits:

  • Cohesive and scaffolded alignment for 6-12 CS pathways

  • Join in a community of educators exploring CS education

  • Scholarships available for full program cost

  • 72 hours of professional learning

  • Computer Science Principles (9-12) can be taught as an AP class

  • Increase diversity and participation from girls and underserved students stimulating a more diverse tech workforce


Read more about CS Discoveries and CS Principles!

Create a new Computer Science program from scratch, modernize and build equity into an existing program, or build educator capacity to support state and local requirements. Tap into the MindSpark passion and transform Computer Science at your school.  

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