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Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a holistic educational approach that promotes entrepreneurial mindsets in agile learners who contribute fully to a diverse, interconnected, and changing world. The impact leads to evolving educational and economic landscapes by engaging students, schools and communities in authentic problem solving.

Problem Based Learning Icons

Spark Student Brilliance

Too many young people are entering the workforce without the skills, knowledge, and experiences required by employers, and too few schools offer the experience to provide real-world, work-based skills and identities. The bulk of the skills gap is the result of an educational system that hasn’t had the opportunity to connect and evolve with industry. It’s time to start thinking about systems as a fluid network that break boundaries, cross-pollinate, and keep moving towards the same goal of innovation. PBL Unleashed is the conduit between education and industry. 

Knowledge Retention

Since PBL is an interactive process there is significant, long-term impact on knowledge retention and application  

Workforce Skills

PBL increases students' workforce skills like critical analysis, practical problem-solving, teamwork, and communication 

Entrepreneurial Mindsets

PBL Unleashed fosters growth mindsets, student engagement, risk-taking, and resilience 


Career Literacy

PBL connects students with industry exposing them to a variety of professions and high priority career pathways  

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