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What Goes On at a MindSpark Learning Education Accelerator?

Answering that question can be likened to explaining what happens at the orchestra. We can highlight the program pamphlet, but no description will ever compare to experiencing the music firsthand.

However, we understand the importance of providing you with a glimpse of what an Education Accelerator (EA) can achieve - whether you are an industry leader hoping to sponsor an impactful education initiative or an education leader ready for transformation change. 

Velocity as a Means to Transformation

Our EA is a leadership program dedicated to fostering organizational ingenuity within education systems. Organizations join MindSpark’s coveted accelerator at varying stages of development. Some may be in the early planning phases, while others have been implementing their approaches for years. Regardless of their starting point, our aim is to guide participants towards a markedly improved state within just six to nine months. Our unwavering commitment is to see cohort organizations emerge as shining examples of streamlined processes, vibrant cultures, and innovative educational paradigms.

As for our industry partners, by investing in an EA, you'll play a pivotal role in building capacity and uplifting education systems. Once an accelerator has been funded by an industry or community partners, schools and organizations can apply. Together, we will reshape education—fostering passionate educators and engaged students.

“When I started this journey 18 months ago, I didn’t realize how much we needed the spark. I was “stuck on an escalator”, silently screaming for help, not realizing we held the answers to our problems of practice all along. EA has been our spark, our catalyst, our ‘small fiery particle thrown off of a fire’ where the fire is produced when education meets industry and radical self-inquiry begins.”

- District Administrator for Eaton School District


U.S. states served


Unique cohorts hosted


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A Launchpad to Bespoke Solutions

EA is a launchpad that gives education leaders full autonomy over the trajectory of their organization’s future. Rooted in MindSpark’s trademarked disruption cycle, the EA is built to ensure systems are more intelligent, agile, and adaptive. EA’s strengthen education systems by strategically bridging community, industry, and education.


Begin by looking at your goals and work to develop a focused problem of practice. This will be used to create educator capability appraisals and determine baselines that will guide your journey and your action plan as you connect the threads between education, industry, and community.


Work with industry experts, receive marketing support, and develop sustainable partnerships that will evolve alongside you in this developmental stage. Additionally, investigate the elements connected to the success of your teaching imperatives and strategic intersections.


Time for action—work within your teams and partnerships to ensure your problem of practice finds resolution. You will be challenged to experiment and iterate upon your designs while receiving expert guidance from our team.


Prepare for the unknown by implementing blueprints for measuring and sustaining key performance indicators. Our team will continue to assist via team check-ins, individual coaching, and further professional development opportunities to ensure you are supported long after the closing ceremony.

Collaborating for Change: Education Accelerators Driving Progress

As some states, like Kentucky, start to feel the pressures of workforce development challenges, MindSpark has helped to make their faculty and students workforce ready for industry standards.

KPMG Kentucky Workforce EA

Read how we changed the competitive landscape in Kentucky by introducing workforce, career pathways in school.

“We have really worked (after the EA) to give our students an opportunity to find what is the best fit for them in their careers.”

- KY EA collaborator

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