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Career Connected Learning Foundations

Building Bridges Beyond Education.
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Unleash Career Connected Learning

This certification is designed to build a workforce-literate learning environment. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to create a learning environment that prepares students for success in the workforce, and to support them in their journey from education to career.

MindSpark’s data-driven methods strengthen educators’ understanding of how to translate educational experiences into economic opportunity.


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Compelling career connected learning is a blueprint for career literacy for the future of work:
Workforce Literacy

Harness agile methods that adapt to evolving market needs and lead to meaningful possibilities for every student.

Work-Based Learning Continuum

Engage students in industry-led, work-based learning experiences across the K-12 spectrum to prepare them for jobs of the future.

Occupational Identity

Cultivate how students envision their future selves in the workforce at every stage of learning.

Career Connected Pathways

Foster the development of transportable skills that encourage students to pursue high priority career pathways.

What is Career Literacy?

Extraordinary career connected learning bridges the economy and education by focusing on the opportunity, belief, skills, and readiness gaps. 


Globalization and technological innovation are having a vast impact on the evolving workforce. Often, education struggles to understand labor market needs and the emerging careers available to our students. Students are not aware of the breadth of career opportunities open to them. It’s important to instill good career literacy strategies and resources that lead to the ability for students to flourish. 

Learning Objectives


the methods to enhance workplace competence for teachers and students.


Occupational Identity and recognize its value and purpose within the education-to-career pathway.


the importance of equity, access, and well-being for students when on the pathway to their careers.


the methods to integrate industry-grade experiences into the classroom.


work-based learning and begin to establish real-world connections to the framework.

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