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Work With Us

MindSpark has the heart and soul of a nonprofit and the DNA of a startup. We have a unique culture of gratitude, celebration, and camaraderie. 

We believe education is the single biggest lever in uplifting people, the planet, and prosperity.  We inspire education and business to work together to co-create talent that solves society’s biggest challenges.   

Our Values

  • Think like a scientist.

  • Complexify contentious topics.

  • Abandon best practice.

  • Reinforce freedom of choice

  • We’re curious and cultivate disruption for good.

  • We say yes to the big ideas and challenge the status quo.

ACTION Zone and MindSpark Learning
Our Benefits & Policies
  • Allow flexible work hours and PTO.

  • Have a responsive, gender-blind parent leave policy.

  • We embrace a hybrid work arrangement, flexible paid time off, and 4 weeklong company shutdowns for rest and restoration.

  • Provide ergonomic and collaborative workspaces that curate a sense of belonging.

Our Staff
  • Invest in inclusive recruiting and onboarding practices.

  • Hold each other accountable with the right balance of freedom and responsibility. 

  • Vet our social design through power asymmetry as a means for inquiry. 

  • Engage in inclusive performance management with visible recognition and empathy. 

  • Ensure all job descriptions and hiring protocols using conscious gender-neutral language. 

  • Aim to form allyships with movements that put people, planet, and prosperity first. 

  • Diversify the number of partners serving equally diverse communities by 15% each year 

  • Don’t hire for culture fit, hire for culture contribution with a strong inclusion lens.

  • Increase engagement with employees and clients each year by 25%

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