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MindSpark upskills education systems – activating human capital for the near, next, and new.

We know that education is the single most important investment for people, planet, and prosperity. We design and deliver talent velocity, collective impact, and social innovation solutions at the nexus of education, industry, and community.


Trusted by industry and community leaders.

Samsung partnership with Mindspark Learning
IBM Partnership with Mindspark Learning
OtterCares partnership with MindSpark Learning
KPMG partnership with MindsSpark Learning
MFF partnership with MindSpark Learning
Lochkeed Martin partnership with MindSpark Learning
Sphero partnership with MindSpark Learning
CSU partnership with MindSpark Learning

Since 2017, MindSpark has impacted over 89,000 professionals and 2,000,000 students…

…built meaningful relationships with more than 750 industry and community partners...

…and served all 50 states and 88 countries bridging the most highly impacted to the leading edge regions.

Workforce development that uplifts and upskills individuals 
  • We take a third-year teacher who is burned out and restore their passion for teaching and learning. 

  • We compel the largest aerospace company in the world to diversify and recruit talent across 20 industry sectors. 

  • We design a sustainable agriculture talent marketplace to fulfill the mission of a top university’s land-grant heritage. 

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