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The State of Professional Learning

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Why does professional development matter? Amazon and Gallup asked this question to over 15,000 adults in the U.S. and found out the main reason: it helps advance careers. American workers who participated in an upskilling program have, on average, annual incomes 8.6% higher than those who did not and 75% report career advancement. 


As an organization dedicated to upskilling, MindSpark conducted market research to understand evolving market needs, aiming to identify preferences and aspirations regarding professional growth and development. This report is essential because it delves into various hypotheses about professional development (PD), such as preferences for in-person versus online PD, motivations behind seeking PD, and preferred topics. The insights received from “The State of Professional Learning” serve as the compass guiding us towards crafting tailored and exceptional learning experiences aligned with the evolving needs of professional development.

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