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Amplifying Human Potential-Beyond Programming and Coding

Address a common fear: Will robots take my job?  To answer this question, you will understand where human discomfort with robots comes from, examine the difference between a robot and an artificially intelligent robot, and see robots that help humankind in action.  Learn how students can build their own artificially intelligent robot and how to facilitate student creativity with IBM’s TJBot.

What previous attendees have said about this webinar:

“All of the content is valuable because this is crucial information for adapting to the rapidly changing world we are in. Many of the activities, especially  programming the TJ Bot, would be very useful in the classroom to help students appreciate how robots work.”

“One of the takeaways from this course was that being accurate in coding in order for the robot to fulfill a task is crucial to show students. The incorporation of AI in robots was very interesting and will be useful to show students how both AI and robots enhance our lives, especially in the field of Science.”

By the end of the online webinar, you will have: 
  • Activities & resources to implement immediately for students to foster students’ understanding of how to program a robot

  • An understanding of the roles robots play in modern society, with and without AI
  • An extensive toolkit of resources 

  • A graphic organizer to capture your thoughts and learning

Engineering Robot Car


Robotics (Note: This topic is exclusively available on-demand)



Additional Resources:

Submitted by Ann Nicholson
Designed for Grades 1-8

Lesson Plan: AI Foundations for Teachers

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