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How Do Siri, Alexa and Watson Understand Me?

Walk a mile in a machine’s shoes and experience the complexity of human language - and what it takes for a computer to understand us!  Like art, AI imitates life - and can hold up a mirror to reveal patterns in human speech.  See examples of how NLP can be used for social good - get students thinking about other applications of this powerful technology.

What previous attendees have said about this webinar:

“Because of this institute, I have a better understanding of what natural language processing means. I liked the specific example of using the AI to debate, and also the examples of how AI can help those with disabilities.”

“One of my takeaways from this course was the instruction. Some of the digital tools used can help make my classes more interesting and engaging for students.”

By the end of the online webinar, you will have: 
  • An understanding of natural language processing and its everyday applications

  • Activities & resources to implement immediately to build student understanding of its limitations and possibilities

  • An extensive toolkit of resources 

  • A graphic organizer to capture your thoughts and learning

Image by Andres Urena


Natural Language Processing



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