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Creating a Spark for AI

Dive into this introductory course and get familiar with the basics of AI.  Learn and define five key terms (AI, neural network, big data, algorithm and machine learning) through analogy, interactive games and activities.  Build tools to use with your own students to expose them to AI concepts, and hear from an IBM expert about the importance of play in education.

What previous attendees have said about this webinar:

“This course opened my mind to the need to incorporate AI into our classrooms as it becomes more prevalent in our daily lives.”

“I appreciate the curriculum resources. I am looking forward to hosting a discussion in my classroom soon about student data and whether or not they think it is alright for their data to be bought and sold.”

By the end of the online webinar, you will have: 
  • A working definition for AI & other terms

  • Activities & resources to implement immediately to introduce AI to your students

  • An extensive toolkit of resources 

  • A graphic organizer to capture your thoughts and learnings

Computer Programmers


An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence



Additional Resources:

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