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Building a Culture of Inclusivity

Examine your own tech experience as you explore the roles of gender, race, and bias in technology and STEM fields.  Grow your toolkit with resources for diversifying your own computer science and STEM programs so that your students can gain awareness of how AI affects them, and join the fight against algorithmic bias and injustice.

What previous attendees have said about this webinar:

“I was already aware that industry and education in computer science are not very diverse. This course introduced me to some resources that I can use to show my students why diversity matters and more importantly why being inclusive needs to be a student's default mode of action.”

 “The gender bias in AI was very interesting. I think it will spark good conversation with students.”

By the end of the online webinar, you will have: 
  • An understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion in STEM fields

  • Resources for making your STEM environment more diverse and inclusive

  • Access to a community forum of educators implementing solutions and sharing

  • An action plan to implement solutions in your community 


How AI Addresses Diversity and Inclusion

(Note: This topic is exclusively available on-demand.)



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