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AI Can and Should be Inclusive – Design Thinking Can Help!

Grow your understanding of AI through the lens of equity-centered design thinking, a creative problem-solving process. Familiarize yourself with IBM’s Design Thinking Field Guide activities including empathy mapping and storyboarding, and create a prompt for your students. Examine bias in AI and develop ways to mitigate these preconceived notions. Take this back to the classroom with tools to encourage students to examine and address their own biases.

What previous attendees have said about this webinar:

“I loved the interactiveness of the seminar and the use of other digital tools (FlipGrid, Padlet). I loved your references (TEDtalk, articles). The “answer the question with a question” activity is a nice brain stretch activity that I will definitely use with students.”

“I loved the idea of creating projects for students to identify ways of noticing biases and how it is incorporated in AI.”

By the end of the online webinar, you will have: 
  • An understanding equity-centered design thinking

  • Activities & resources to implement immediately to frame authentic learning for your students

  • An extensive toolkit of resources 

  • A graphic organizer to capture your thoughts and learning

Image by John Schnobrich


Equity Centered Design Thinking Mitigating Bias in AI



Additional Resources:

Submitted by Cassandra Day
Designed for Grade 7

Lesson Plan: Algorithmic Bias

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