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What was the most meaningful part of the content presented today?


"Realizing how I already do things that connect to AI - I just need to be more intentional and embed it."


"Focus on AI as a collaborative partner."

Workforce development that uplifts and upskills individuals 
  • We take a third-year teacher who is burned out and restore their passion for teaching and learning. 

  • We compel the largest aerospace company in the world to diversify and recruit talent across 20 industry sectors. 

  • We design a sustainable agriculture talent marketplace to fulfill the mission of a top university’s land-grant heritage. 

Alumni Profiles

Hear what our alumni have to say about STEMpath:


Setting the Bar for STEM Workforce Development While Upskilling Educators

A computer science and engineering educator wanted to expand her technical skills and create new learning experiences for her students that better reflect the modern workplace. STEMpath not only provided her with 24 graduate-level credits and a Computer Science certificate in cybersecurity, she also gained the knowledge and skills to design real-world project-based learning experiences for her students.

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Collaborative Speaking Engagements 

MindSpark welcomes event speaking opportunities with our valued partners. We believe in a mutual exchange of opportunities—should you have opportunities suitable for us or vice versa. Let's explore co-presenting opportunities and create impactful experiences together. 

With inquiries or opportunities, please contact our Chief Impact Officer Kiki Huckaby 

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